For more than 30 years, Saint Joseph’s University students have traveled to Tijuana to work with Los Niños, a non-profit development group that builds schools and community centers in impoverished areas along the border between Mexico and the southwestern United States, and to Tohatchi to work with the St. Mary’s Mission. This year, Saint Joseph’s Office of Campus Ministry added trips to Tanzania and Ecuador to encourage interaction with less fortunate people and foster education about how to solve poverty problems around the world.

The goal is that we will not only become more global in our understanding of poverty and why it exists, but that we will bring that understanding back to others who may not be able to participate in these programs and see it firsthand. It is also important for our students to learn through interaction that although the living situations of the people we visit are not ideal, they are still happy, and have many things to keep them going, like their families and their faith.


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