Remember the Juiceman

I guess I should keep this one quick to the payoff, since nobody reads my posts.

Women should come with instruction manuals; young idealism is fleeting; where’s my Juiceman 10000; and little kids are brats.

Firstly, women should come with instruction manuals. The same could be said for men, but I’m a man and I pretty much have stuff figured out on this side.  Luckily, we have a half-heart attempt in everyone’s favorite romatic comedy “Hitch” (I know I know, I’m really reaching now).   Anyway, arguably the most utilitarian line in that gut wrenching, yet quite enjoyable film is: “Women don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘Gee, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today.'”  For myself, that seems profound since, in the States, I usually wake up to the same seemingly vanilla world where insipration is hard to come by or it comes in the  form of a Rocky movie.  I believe that there are none among us that wake up every morning and say “Gee, I hope I don’t get inspired today.”  Somehow, someway here in Tanzania I have been inspired and empowered everyday.  Empowerment being the key phrase, I am emboldened and envigored to take action, yet why is this not the case in the States?  We do live in the greatest country in the world correct? (In my book, sure.)  I’m just throwing that out there.  In any case, women should come with a instruction manual that is better than the movie “Hitch”, which I would crupple up and throw away.

Young idealism is fleeting.  Reality overpowers any romantic fantasy.  The truth remains; our world is filled with corruption, inequality, deception, defeatism, injustice, and hypocracy.  I didn’t have to come to Africa to see the poor when they live on my doorstep (If you live in the Kenmore Apts you know what I mean).  This world is perfect for jaded young, naive, optomistic idealists.  In fact, I believe this world survives by latching on and draining the life force from its adolescent idealists like a paracitic vampire.  So what’s a young naivete to do?  Where is it safe for our immature idealists?  What does your young idealist need?  The Juiceman.   

I am the only member of the team that still remembers Jay Kordich, a.k.a. the Juiceman.  The old man with crazy eyebrows, a chest of steel, and a Califorinia tan and boy (oh boy) could he pawn off a second-rate blender as a Juicer, and then sell you books about “Juicing” (the old school way, pre-Barry Bonds).  As a young impressionable child I could watch his infomercial two, three, five times a day. He was just that good.  “Why peel a mango when you can juice it?” Or, “Why waste your peach and mango pits, why waste your apple and pear cores? There’s perfectly good juice in there?”  That was an “idea” and juicing was the “-lism.”  Think about that.

I guess I should try with a better analogy.  This didn’t happen to me, but I’ll use it like it did happen to me.  I was walking on the beach one day, low tide had just reached its peak.  The sun and the ocean danced together, but I was too busy trying not to step on starfish to notice.  The beach was covered in starfish, it was as if the starfish decided that they would rather die then spend another minute in that polluted cesspool called the ocean (another blog, another time).  The starfish had enough!!  They were on strike maybe (I don’t know I’m not a starfish, nor did I speak starfish at the time). Down on the other side of the beach was a little brat that methodically (the annoying way only little children can do) picked up starfish and threw them into the ocean.  I looked on and watched the fleeting folly of youth, until I finally spoke out, “Hey kid, stop wasting your time. It’s not going to make a difference, there are just too many.”  The snot-nosed brat looked at me, picked up another one, threw it in the ocean, and replied, “It made a difference to that one.”  Stupid kids, I wasted a gorgeous day at the beach with some brat throwing starfish.



3 Responses to “Remember the Juiceman”

  1. 1 The Tribe at Home July 17, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    It is easier to find inspiration in the unusual, but sometimes you have to look for the inspiration in everyday life. It’s there, just not as obvious.

    Several years ago, I found that I had become an extremely aggressive driver (in NJ, of course). After several near-accidents, I decided that every time I drove, I would let one idiot cut in front of me without getting upset about it. Call it a quota system. It took me a while, but what I found was that it actually felt good to identify the lucky idiot each drive. Then I upped it to two per drive. Ultimately, I found that I had unwittingly trained myself to be a more patient driver, AND less of a menace on the road.

    I believe you can do the same in finding inspiration in the everyday. Set a quota for yourself – be awed by seeing a child’s smile, or nod good-morning to the bus driver. You will find that in addition to being inspired, you can be the inspiration to someone else.

    See, people do read your posts!

    God bless,

    Dorothy Laverty

  2. 2 Ron Grace July 17, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    I find the above comment interesting. I too found myself being too aggressive behind the wheel. I would not let the car next to me cut in front of me. The car entering the highway would just have to wait for me. I then thought, hey who is worse that driver or me. I now back off, most of the time, and feel a lot better for it. Let the “lucky idiot” have their day. Maybe someday they too will learn to back off and enjoy the road while letting others enjoy it as well.

    I work with a woman who has two young blond haired boys whose pictures are hanging on her cubilce wall (we all live in cubicles here). Everytime I walk by her cubicle those boys just make me smile. The ability of the young to make us smile and feel good, even for a moment, is somthing I should take with me throughout the day.

    Maybe the next time I visit the Jersey shore I will throw a starfish back into the ocean.

    I hope you all continue to enjoy your wonderful trip and experience. I’m sure the ones you are meeting inspire you every day.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe and have fun.

    Ron Grace

  3. 3 Marianne Grace July 18, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    J. Kim, we are reminded “be the change you want to see.” MAG

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