A Day at Mgolole

After finishing our breakfast, we headed out to a place called Mgolole here in the town of Morogoro. We were to spend our day with Tanzanian Catholic nuns who run a self- sustainable project to support the local community here. Our first stop was a room where the nuns manufacture candles and eucharistic hosts. This is one way in which they gain profit in order to run their facilities. The next stop was a printing press where they bind, print, and publish books and other materials for local businesses.

After this we got to see the heart of their facility; the orphanage. Here they take care of children ranging from infants to teenagers. We were lucky enough to take part in feeding and caring for the infants and toddlers. Most of these children were abandoned by their parents immediately after they were born, so spreading a little love was a rare luxury for them. Their smiles lit up the place, so captivating that it was almost impossible for us to walk away towards our next stop; the elderly people’s home also run by the Mgolole Sisters.

Sister Hotensia, our guide for the day, introduced us to the welcoming residents of the home. After exchanging the usual “shikamoo/ marahaba”(exchange of greetings reserved for elders), we met a woman who lives there with her grandchildren. Despite having a physical disabilty where she has no fingers, she showed unsurpassed love to these three kids by the way she cared for them. After playing with the kids, we talked to some of the other elderly people there, and they were kind enough to share their life stories with us. Visitors like us bring a positive energy in their daily lives, as we reminded them of their own grandchildren, they said. Of course, we were the ones more impacted by the visits, having the privilege of being able to share in a day of their lives. These people have welcomed us in their country, always going out of their way to make sure we feel comfortable.

We had an amazing experience today and definetly look forward to the next week and a half that we will spending here. The hawk will never die, and it is certainly leaving its mark in Africa.


Alena na Michael


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  1. 1 Xie July 12, 2007 at 1:08 pm


    WooHoo, Alena! Rock out with your missionary self!

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