We Live in a Beautiful World

Life in the U.S. is strange. I guess there are many people out there that would take offense to that kind of statement, but it’s true. Life in the U.S. is stranger than any of us would ever believe.

As we traveled through the countryside from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro, I came to realize that the world holds magestic sights that can only be described through personal experence. What have we experenced here so far? Beauty. That is the only possible way to describe my own experence. Beauty is everywhere, it’s the the eyes of the children, the glimmer of the ocean, the light of sunset, the clouds that dance past the peaks of mountains, and the smiles on the beautiful faces of those that surround us. It’s funny to say, but these are the same things we can find at home, but we never really get to see. Why is that? Is it because we have our faces stuffed in our laptops, or because we have our cell phones stuck to our ears? For me the likely culprit is that re-run of Seinfeld that I have to watch at 7:30, or the new season of Entourage, or that lame summer job that I have to work for some extra spending money. The point is, that I have come to understand how self-limiting I was back home. Why haven’t I taken the Great American Roadtrip? Why haven’t I seen things for myself like I know I should? The simple answer is that I’m too busy…too busy making excuses. Life in the U.S. is strange because I make excuses.

The world was created by God, and the proof is in the beauty that the world holds, and many times it’s simply a secret that we just have to discover ourselves. In my opinion, no one should believe me if I say, “I believe there is no more beautiful place on Earth than Tanzania.” Or, “I have never been anywhere else where I have felt so welcome.” People shouldn’t believe what they are told, but believe in what they have experenced. It’s ironic to say this, but in the words of my favorite childhood television personality, Lavar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” You really should see this for yourself.



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